Stonebridge Fiduciary is a full service provider of personalized trust and estate administration.  Stonebridge Fiduciary helps older adults, persons with disabilities or individuals who want assistance to understand and manage their trust or personal matters.

Behind the company name, Stonebridge Fiduciary, is a team of senior-care specialists who understand that the nature of caring for loved ones can be daunting. Working through the complexities of life issues and decisions can be a huge drain on time and emotions.

We are competent guides.  We are experienced and trained in the administration and management of trusts, personal and business matters. Our team of specialists is tried and true. We plan with each person, develop a management strategy and an action plan. We encourage family communications. We will even package our services into a monthly program.

Stonebridge Fiduciary is personal yet professional: we are honest, compassionate, honorable.  We implement a disciplined approach to managing legal, accounting, financial, personal and business matters in your trust or estate.

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